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The Creator Brand Archetype

Using your archetypal persona to weave your branding will help you stand out.

the creator brand archetype- Canva Templates

The Creator Characteristics

As a Creator, you strive to express your unique perspective and expansive imagination to the world and to see your vision of the future coming true.

This archetype is also called the Artist, Architect, Dreamer, Innovator, Dreamer, or Visionary.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leos are full of life, commanding the spotlight in a way that entertains, engages, and inspires others, independent-minded, and incredibly fun to be around. Leos can inspire you and motivate you to take on the world no matter what situation you find yourself in. They are the zodiac’s champions of positive self- and body image.

Mindset & Traits

  • INTENTION | To create and execute original, meaningful, and lasting visions, as well as inspire others to be creative in their own way
  • STRATEGY | Promoting freedom of expression through the use of innovation and imagination
  • MOTIVATION| Developing a sense of control and stability
  • GIFT | Creativity and imagination
  • SUPER POWERS | They possess a powerful imagination that allows them to transform their visions into a reality, and they are masters at what they do;

Brand Marketing

  • Brand Image: Bold, bright colours that show off their bright ideas and imaginative nature. Primary colours like red, yellow, or blue, or bright and bold oranges, purples, or greens. 
  • Brand Voice and Tone: Ambitious, confident, optimistic, and inspiring.
  • Brand Values: Innovation, imagination, and new ways to solve old problems.

Understand Your Audience

The Creator takes care of the audience’s need for stability and control by offering a sense of confidence that they are able to do the same thing as they can. You have the ability to inspire people to think beyond the status quo to something that is entirely innovative. These are the early adopters and the people that desire something better but often don’t know what that is until you show them what it is. 

Canva Branding Templates For The Creator

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