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Calling all witches, magic makers, & soul visionaries, are you ready to elevate & build a spiritual business & digital presence to attract your soul clients?

Hey there beautiful soul!

I’m passionate about helping visionary souls like you turn their passion for spiritual wellness into a thriving, lucrative online business. With my expertise in digital entrepreneurship, I’ll guide you towards generating a passive income by sharing your valuable knowledge through transformative online courses and products.

Tania – The Creative Witch


Getting you from where you are to where you want to be with ease.


Enhance your digital presence with our distinctive and visually captivating website designs.

Coaching packages

Allow me to guide you in turning overwhelm into clarity, paving the way for you to construct the spiritual business of your dreams.

BRAND alchemy

Tapping into a brand archetype to convey your brand’s personality serves as a powerful tool in forging emotional connections with your audience.

brand colour palettes

Create a professional & cohesive presence with these pre-designed brand colour templates

MMR irresistible e-books & pdfs

Lead magnets, workbooks, & guides for your spiritual business to showcase your expertise & value


 Experience a fusion of spiritual wisdom and practical guidance to propel you towards your goals


What’s your soul brand type?

Creating meaningful relationships with the right people starts with getting to know your brand and understanding its unique personality. Find out what your brand archetype is by taking the free quiz.