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Witch Web Design

Spiritual Website Design

Looking for a beautifully crafted spiritual website design? Creative Witch Designs offers custom designs that embody the essence of your spiritual journey. Elevate your online presence with my unique & visually stunning designs. Transform your vision into a captivating website

Discover the enchantment of spiritual websites with a touch of creative magic!

Embark on a digital journey like no other with my bespoke spiritual website design services. Immerse yourself in a mystical realm created by me, a talented creative witch, dedicated to crafting digital experiences that resonate with your soul. I totally get your vibe, so I am sure I would be the perfect fit to help get your spiritual business shine online, with my custom designs. 

creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites
creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites
creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites
creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites

Create a Unique Online Presence

Elevate your presence with our fully custom designed WordPress spiritual websites. Transform your message into a compelling online experience that resonates with your followers and nurtures a deeper connection. 

creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites

What Makes Creative Witch Designs Different from Other Web Designers?

  • Energetically inspired web & graphic design
  • Intuitive web design for spiritual, & alternative businesses
  • Smart suggestions for improving content, images, & design layout
  • Experienced spiritual solopreneur with proven methods of marketing
  • Well-versed in spiritual principles & coaching practices

Why Me?

Not only am I a tech-savvy spiritual witchy website designer who knows their way around the digital realm, but I also come equipped with an extra dose of empathy and compassion. I’m not just here to design spiritual websites, oh no! I’m here to dig deep, peel those metaphorical layers, and truly understand your desires and needs on a spiritual level.

I take immense pleasure in listening to my clients’ stories. It is like sipping on a delicious cup of herbal tea while unravelling the mysteries of your spiritual journey, transforming them into a website that seamlessly combines beauty with functionality.

Navigating through the complexities of creating a spiritual website can be a bit like finding your way through a labyrinth. I’m here to be your guide and support system. With my expertise, we’ll create a website that truly reflects your passion and essence. By entrusting me as your designer, you can forge a profound connection with your audience, resonating with them on a spiritual level. Together, we can build a spiritual website that truly embodies your spiritual journey.

Unleash your inner magic today!

intuitive Design

  • Intuitively spiritual website design built with WordPress
  • Your products or services are clearly communicated with intuitive, easy-to-navigate layouts.
  • Custom curation of images and icons (free for commercial use)
  • Intuitively designed colour palette and branding for your site.
  • Responsive attractive eye-catching elements


  • Mobile responsive website 
  • SEO optimization to organically rank higher on search results
  • Integrations including: blog, contact form, email marketing (newsletter), social media, online booking/scheduler, and online learning platforms
  • Domain and host connection to your new site

How I Can Help You

Not only am I a master at spiritual website design, but I’m also a tech-savvy sorceress who can whip up an assortment of services just for you. From conjuring top-notch search engine optimization to crafting enchanting landing pages, from weaving graphic designs to creating your one-of-a-kind brand, I even possess the power to set up a remarkable CRM and schedule appointments.

I have some serious magickal skills when it comes to payment systems, membership platforms, and e-commerce solutions. Think of me as your go-to magician, spreading magic and tending to all your artistic, technological, and marketing needs. Especially in the magical and ethereal realm, where my true enchantment lies, I completely grasp your passion and profound understanding.

Need an update to your current website?  I do that too!

SPIRITUAL website design package

The following are the fundamental elements of my spiritual website design package. Depending on your needs, I can tailor my services to meet your exact specifications.


Here is where the magic happens. Your information will be presented in a unique layout design, which I will create for you. There is an option to add additional pages.


Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your readers. There are a variety of options available, including polite pop-ups, home page forms, footer forms, and blog forms.


The project begins with a Zoom meeting, during which we align our minds and go over the plan. As soon as your site goes live, we jump on again to learn how to manage it.


I create websites using Elementor on WordPress, which gives me access to some amazing plugins. For maximum security and speed, I only use quality plugins and keep them to a minimum.

social media integration

A full social media integration will be available on your website, including buttons and feeds. The best way to let your audience know, like, and trust you!


I will set you up with Analytics to monitor your site performance. This will help you understand how people interact with your site and identify any areas for improvement.


I'll handle hosting and domain name registration for you. Your website will be hosted on a super fast, private, and dedicated VPS server


Improve search engine rankings, keep your browsing secure, boost trust, and safeguard customer information. Shield your website from phishing attacks and gain the confidence of your visitors with an SSL certificate.

Don't settle for a website that fails to grasp your fantastic flair, fiery passion, & grand aspirations. Let's work some enchantment here, backed by the expertise of a quirky sorceress who knows her mystical mojo

The Bewitched Web Design Package


What's Included
creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites

Additional Integrations can be included at an extra fee: Google Analytics Setup (Performance Tracker), MailerLite email marketing (newsletter),  online booking/scheduler (Acuity \ Squarespace), payment system (Stripe), and online learning platforms (New Zenler)


One Off Payment Of



£333 deposit &
6 x monthly payments £132/m

*The website ownership will only be transferred to you once the final installment has been duly paid.

How The Process Works

creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites

Get In Touch

Discuss any questions you may have through a free creative vision call. Plus, I am eager to learn more about the unique business vision that you have. Together, let’s make magic happen and bring your vision to life!

creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites


It’s time to start! Gather all your copywriting and brand images for your website. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what exactly we need. You will also have access to a One Drive folder where you can transfer documents easily.

creative witch designs - custom designed spiritual websites

Creative Design

Using your Pinterest inspiration board and our creative vision call, I’ll create your website that embodies your unique personality by incorporating your brand colours, logo design, brand fonts, graphics more.