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The Friend Brand Archetype

Using your archetypal persona to weave your branding will help you stand out.

the friend brand archetype- Canva Templates

The Friend Characteristics

The friend brand archetype seeks acceptance from society and promotes equality. It is their sense of belonging that motivates them. They have a reputation for being relatable and wholesome, which aids them in cultivating deep relationships. In general, they are hard-working, down-to-earth individuals who yearn for authentic relationships and simply just want to be accepted as they are.

The friend brand is also known as everyman, everywoman, girl/boy next door, citizen, as well as realist.

Taurus Star Sign

Taurus reminds us to slow down and enjoy the earthly delights around us. Their calming presence makes them a pleasure to be around. Taureans are loyal friends, partners, and family members.  Hardworking and artistic by nature, the Taurean Bull is known for both creativity and indulgence.

Mindset & Traits

  • INTENTION | To feel a sense of belonging in the community and to embrace equality
  • STRATEGY | Develop widely acceptable virtues in society
  • MOTIVATION | The desire to belong and have fun
  • GIFT | A sense of realism, empathy, and a lack of pretense
  • SUPER POWERS | Ability to see people for who they truly are and accept them as they are without pretense, regardless of their differences

Brand Marketing

  • Brand Image: Natural textures and ‘down-to-earth’ vibes. Earth tones (brown, tan, green, gold).
  • Brand Voice and Tone: Friendly, casual, and conversational.
  • Brand Values: Embody a sense of inclusivity, collaboration, respect, and understanding.

Understand Your Audience

There is something about the friend that attracts people who have an underlying need to feel understood and welcomed. It depends on the business, but the most common drivers for the friend audience are the desire to feel like they belong and a desire to fit in with the group. There is a deep passion for fairness and a need to feel respected and taken care of. In addition, they are understanding, empathic, and down-to-earth.

Canva Branding Templates For The Friend