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The Magician Brand Archetype

Using your archetypal persona to weave your branding will help you stand out.

the magician brand archetype- Canva Templates

The Magician Characteristics

A Magician strives to transform the world around them. They believe that once they know the basic fundamentals of how things work, they can apply those rules to make their dreams a reality. Where others see barriers, they see solutions. It is their belief that anything is possible if you have both the knowledge and the willingness to try it.

This archetype is also called the Alchemist, Healer, Innovator, Shaman, Visionary, or Wizard.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpios are extremely intuitive and clairvoyant. Scorpios are wise, spiritual, and enchanting, and they will inspire and empower you to discover and live your truth. The Scorpio love to explore the dark corners of the subconscious and can often make excellent therapists, astrologers, or tarot readers.

Mindset & Traits

  • INTENTION | Their mission is to understand the laws of life and use the knowledge they gain to transform the world for the better
  • STRATEGY | Create a vision that reflects the essence of your company and follow it through to completion
  • MOTIVATION | Wisdom & Mastery
  • GIFT | Transformation & Possibility
  • SUPER POWERS | They possess a powerful imagination that enables them to come up with win-win solutions for all parties involved in a given situation

Brand Marketing

  • Brand Image: Think of mystical colours such as peacock blues, purples, greens, silver, gold, bronze and copper. 
  • Brand Voice and Tone: Magical and enchanting.
  • Brand values: Transformation, vision, and knowledge.

Understand Your Audience

Magicians are able to see potential everywhere they look and they have a knack for finding success at the highest level in every situation they encounter. There is something about you that attracts people who want to feel fulfilled or inspired.  Your ability to stay one step ahead of the curve is what makes people follow you because they know that you’ll be able to guide them in the right direction.

Canva Branding Templates For The Magician

Enchanted Forest

Mystique Nights

Arabian Blues