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The Maverick Brand Archetype

Using your archetypal persona to weave your branding will help you stand out.

the maverick brand archetype- Canva Templates

The Maverick Characteristics

The maverick is a rule-breaker, challenging the status quo by asking questions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world. People who identify themselves as mavericks are self-confident, free-thinking individuals who are willing to take chances to create something interesting and unique. Despite the fact that their ideas and actions may seem questionable and sometimes radical to others, in their opinion, this is the best way to capture someone’s interest in order to gain their attention.

This archetype is also called Activist, Challenger, Misfit, Rebel, Reformer, and Revolutionary.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarians are incredibly cerebral, motivated to create dynamic change, thinking futuristically and inventively, rebelling against conventions at every turn, and even come across as quirky or eccentric. Rather than conforming to anything society considers normal or standard, they live by their own, self-written code. Indy music, fashion designers, films, and even politics could be their thing.

Mindset & Traits

  • INTENTION | To challenge the status quo and destroy those things in society that aren’t working
  • STRATEGY | Advocate for change through non-conventional means
  • MOTIVATION | Risk & Mastery
  • GIFT | Radical freedom and outrageousness
  • SUPER POWERS | Being a fighter for a better world, breaking the rules in the name of a greater good, and embracing controversy as a way of life

Brand Marketing

  • Brand Image: Bright, bold action colours, such as red and orange. Also, gravitate toward moody colours or blacks.
  • Brand Voice and Tone: Aggressive, confrontational.
  • Brand Values: Revolve around freedom, and challenging convention.

Understand Your Audience

The people you attract are the ones who see the world in the same way you do. You are the brand that tells people that independence is cool, that status quo is flexible, and that change is possible in the world. 

Canva Branding Templates For The Maverick

Maverick Magik