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The Monarch Brand Archetype

Using your archetypal persona to weave your branding will help you stand out.

the monarch brand archetype- Canva Templates

The Monarch Characteristics

The monarch aims to bring order to a chaotic world by assuming total control over it. There is a commitment on their part to maintain and enforce the highest standards possible. Order and stability are more important to them than innovation and creativity. Consequently, a monarch is an individual who protects and serves their own; and they do not try to appeal to or appease the masses in any way. It is not uncommon for a monarch brand to claim market leadership in the category in which it operates. Seeing themselves as the leader, they will aggressively defend their position, afraid of being undermined.

This archetype is also called the Aristocrat, King, Queen, Leader, Politician, or Ruler.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Known for their hard work, Capricorns are visionaries, leaders, and trailblazers. The Capricorn is an individual with a unique combination of confidence and humility: They have a grounded, practical spirit that makes people feel comfortable in their presence. While Capricorns are very selective about who they let into their lives, they are loyal and honest friends.

Mindset & Traits

  • GOAL | Create a prosperous, successful family, company, or community
  • STRATEGY | Establish superiority in the market; grow audience and authority
  • MOTIVATION| Developing a sense of control and stability
  • GIFT | Leadership, responsibility, and commitment
  • SUPER POWERS | Nurtures high-performance rules-based culture

Brand Marketing

  • Brand Image: Moody tones like charcoal, burgundy, or teal, along with colours that are traditionally associated with royalty, like deep purple, red, dark blue, gold, and black. 
  • Brand Voice and Tone: Authoritative, Confident.
  • Brand Values: Embody a sense of authority, expertise, and sophistication.

Understand Your Audience

The monarch brand appeals to people who want structure, order, and control. Having the best available to them and being better than others is important for the monarch audience. Their goal is perfection, and they take the responsibility seriously. 


Canva Branding Templates For The Monarch


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